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Aggressive Sales Quotas (Case Study Sample)


Describe, specifically, the ethical dilemma that Peter faced.
What are virtues Peter needed to act as he did? What do you think motivated him?
What were the risks Peter faced in making this decision?
What factors do you think assist people in making moral decisions in the face of a great deal of pressure?


Aggressive Sales Quotas
Quiz 1
Peter was an employee who was granted the rank of advertisement organization’s consumer representative. With the position, peter was to carry out marketing to all new and current consumers with any discount. However, when Peter was carrying out the duties, he realized that many consumers had a big promotional package beyond their hopes (Morelli & Braganza, 2012). Nevertheless, he wanted to inform the customer to change their appropriate production so that they could meet the sales, but the action was not corresponding to the organization policy so he had to drop the action. in addition, Peter was pressured to agitate the revenue through the process of selling many numbers commodities. Peter was able to realize the maintenance of the customer and referrals was not much considered by the organization and in the end, Peter was not allowed any essential action which was the moral dilemma Peter faced. Still, Peter was able to convince the boss about the dilemma whereby the organization benefited due to the process of maintaining their customer (Johnston & Marshall, 2013). Even though the organization lost revenue, they were able to gain more customers through the process of referrals.
Quiz 2
Peter tried as much as possible to perform along with the business ethic, but the organization was misreading the clients. The aim was to sell for the organization but the price was to be considered expensive. As a result, the company was not able to maintain the client and earned little through referrals. Peter was honesty and which encouraged him to act ethically (Zboja, Clark & Haytko, 2016). Moreover, Peter attitude stimulated him to continue with evaluating theory approach, whereby he created the knowledge of giving more products with less price. Furthermore, Peter desire was to look for a substitute solution to the undisclosed issue of the organization.
Quiz 3
Peter was the main man with the idea which transformed the company to a favourable form even though the process was risky. But in the end, the company was able to realize large. The process of deciding the process was a big risk indeed (Zboja, Clark & Haytko, 2016). First, the market was saturated which also was a big risk which Peter had to face. Secondly, the online incidence was vital but was supposed to be cost-effective whereby the idea did not prove to the management who made Peter work under pressure so that he could accomplish the aim which Peter if he could have done his integrity and goodwill, could have remained at risk.
Quiz 4
First, the factor in which an individual decides an ethical decision is portrayed through a person’s capacity to distinguish an ethical issue. Sometimes may be difficult to decide on a rational judgment since people do not realize there is a fundamental moral dilemma. Most ethical imperfections are a result of ethical insensitivity. For instance, many students who put more

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