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Case study for TransGlobal Airlines (Case Study Sample)

the case study is 3 companies which are competitors in the same industry. you are given a company and the case scenario and you are to analyse the external environment. a conclusion on how you can improve the performance of the company was to be included at the end. the paper did not require sources but just comparison and evaluation. source..
Executive Summary for the 3 Companies Name University Executive Summary for the 3 Companies TransGlobal Airlines is a good performing company offering aviation services worldwide. The culture within the company is favourable and supports its performance. A good culture can be evidenced by good performance in the business, good management, and efficient processes. The company shows steady growth in both the financial and marketing sector. The leadership of the company is favourable, in terms of innovation, structure and efficiency. They have put in place SES goals that will improve the company's operation and customers' safety and satisfaction. The internal processes are partially favourable with positive aspects such as customer satisfaction and efficiency in the operations, good innovative culture and updated operations. Vision 2030 initiation aims at improving the company's operation to up to date to cater for raising issues in the transport sector. On the negative side, some processes like ticketing are still done manually despite the efficient and easily accessible computer ticketing. The human resource and employees sector is partially favourable for the processes. The company has employed a good number of workers that serves the market efficiently. The company has invested in training its workers to ensure quality in them such as FAA security knowledge. On the negative part, FAAs are not offered fully and it is suggested for every worker to take the course before start working. The financial environment of our company is doing well. Annual earnings of $2.099 billion, several increments in revenue for last seasons from various places such as USA Atlantic regions and Latin. However, there was a drop in revenues from the pacific regions.  The external environment comprises competition, customers and market, and stakeholders. Competition in the industry is high globally. Succeeding in this competitive environment requires coming up with an exemplary customer experience. Our company is competitive and it comes in the second position in terms of market share. We are having 18% closely following Americans with 18.6%. Market and customer sector is a favouring factor for our company. We are having a competitive market share globally. The market is also currently increasing in the USA, Atlantic and Latin countries. The recent decline in the market in pacific regions is due to improvements in japan airline services. Company A is a good performing aviation company situated in Miami Fl. The company began in 1981 and has 165 employees. The company serves Caribbean islands 15 destinations and is among the top market holders at position 4. The company is well-performing with annual YoY of 2.5%-2.9%, annual revenues of $28-29 billion and a net margin of 8%. The company serves both luxury class and business class in low capacity planes of 20-60 passengers. Company A can be advantageous from the scorecard analysis in the following ways; it has a good margins rate, rate of growth in customers and generally and a competitive spirit in the market. Cash flows in the company are well-performing. Internal processes and operations have areas that need to be improved such as automating ticketing by customers which can aid in increasing the efficiency of handling passengers. Other improvements to be done is improving the workers hiring and training given to them. The main advantages of acquiring the company are the favourable market sector such as customer growth and retention and financial advantages. The risks and areas that may need improvements in the company is the human resource sector in terms of training and hiring. The risk has a low impact on the business and...
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