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Corporate Ethics And Social Responsibility In The Success Of Company (Case Study Sample)


Watch a movie about cango and answer the questions that are provided.


Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility
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Organizational ethics is a critical component in the success of any company. Trustworthiness and honesty are critical elements in business ethics. They involve being fair, truthful and honourable to the services a business offers a client. They are essential in winning over clients' trust and retaining them. Proper maintenance of the confidentiality of clients and employees personal information is also vital in building trust between the business, its employees and its clients. A company should create an open environment where employees or clients can report any wrongdoings or complaints without fear. Integration of technology in business today is inevitable. However, a company should thrive to maintain technical integrity by not infringing copyright law.
It is the responsibility of managers to encourage ethical behaviour in an organization. A manager is expected to lead by example. It is more likely that employees in the organization will adopt the same ethical standards portrayed by the manager. Rewarding employees who display an exemplary level of ethical standards encourage more employees to follow suit. In addition to that, managers should train their staff on the company's code of ethics by holding regular workshops.

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