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Job Analysis and Evaluation in Customer First (Case Study Sample)


Please read upon the case “Internal Consistency at Customers First”
1. Do you think that job analysis and job evaluation will benefit “Customers First”? If you think so, how will the job analysis and job evaluation benefit the company? (25 points, 1 page, double spaced)
2. What is your opinion on Joan’s view on job analysis and job evaluation? (25 points, 1 page, double spaced)
3. What do you recommend “Customers First” do? Why? (25 points, 1 page, double spaced)


Internal Consistency at Customer First
Institution Affiliation
Internal Consistency at Customer First
Job Analysis and Evaluation in Customer First
It would be essential for Customer First to conduct Job evaluation and Analysis. It is a new company which has highly grown due to its reliable services offered. However, it is not effective in all areas, especially the workforce management. As a company grows, internal assessments are essential to note the employees' issues and expectations. According to Choudhary (2016), job evaluation is a systematic and constant process that enables the management to assess job requirements and relative value. Various concerns are raised from the case study, which makes it appropriate for the company to employ job evaluation and analysis. They include differences in the responsibility level, inequalities in pay, and discrimination cases among females and males. These issues can be mitigated through evaluation since they may lead to a legal problem, damaging the Company's image. Furthermore, other problematic cultures, including customer service quality and uncommitted employees, are manageable through the evaluation process.

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