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Pitch Presentation for Tesla Leadership (Case Study Sample)


Order instructions:
Assume you are creating a pitch to present to Tesla leadership. You will need to analyze its external/internal environment and propose strategies, policies and/or solutions based on those findings that will create a sustainable competitive advantage for the company. APA formatting is required, and a minimum of 3 sources must be utilized in addition to the text. The length of the paper should be 7-10 pages.
The completed case must include the following components:
• Executive Summary: This is a summary of your entire case study, not a summary of Tesla present day. One should be able to read the executive summary section and understand the main points of the paper
• Current State of the Organization: Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Current Objectives, Current Strategies
• Internal & External Analysis: SWOT, Porter’s 5 forces
• Competitive advantage (current)
• Evalution and Recommendations: Strategies, policies and or solutions for implementation that will create a sustainable competitive advantage for the company based on the results of your analysis. Include implementation plan for recommendations and be sure to explain how the competitive advantage is specifically sustainable over time
• Evaluation of recommendations: How will success be tracked or determined for the recommendations provided?


Tesla Case Study
(Creating a Pitch for Presentation to Tesla Leadership)
Student’s Name:
Executive Summary
Tesla is characterized by a uniquely strong vision and mission statement. The analysis of Tesla through SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Model shows that the company enjoys several positive environmental factors but faces some challenges. The company can use internal strengths and external opportunities to counter internal weaknesses and external threats. The SWOT Analysis presents both internal and external environment analyses of the company. The Porter’s Five Forces Model has been used to identify strategies that help to counter the threats that the company faces or might face from the external environment. This paper also explores the current objectives and strategies for Tesla Inc. An evaluation of the strategies and recommendations for best strategies is also discussed. This paper winds up by designing an implementation plan and providing the key performance indicators (KPIs) of how the feasibility of the implementation is determined.
Current State of the Organization
Tesla’s Inc. Profile
Tesla Inc. is a company that deals with energy generation and the manufacturing of electric cars. It designs, develops, manufactures, sells, and leases electric vehicles. It also manufactures technological systems for the generation and storage of power. Some of the models of vehicles that the company produces and sells include Tesla Roadster, Tesla Semi, Cybertruck, Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y  (GlobalData, 2022).
Vision Statement
Tesla’s vision is to become the most compelling vehicle manufacturer for the 21st Century. It plans to achieve this vision by leading the global transition to electric vehicles  (Cuofano, 2022).
Mission Statement
Tesla’s mission is to spearhead the development of sustainable logistics by rolling out mass electric vehicles into the market the soonest as possible. The company uses a transitional business model as it grows its ecosystem.
Current Objectives
The main objective of Tesla is to speed up the global transition to sustainable energy. The company plans to achieve the sustainability goal by using its business model to develop electric vehicles and accessories. The accessories include the devices for the generation and storage of renewable energy. This will help create a whole ecosystem of renewable power systems 

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