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Effective Listening is More Important Than Talking Analysis (Case Study Sample)


The task was based on an urgumantive statement " Effective Listening is More Important Than Talking", this sample is an essay i wrote about the topic.


Effective Listening is More Important Than Talking
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Effective Listening is More Important Than Talking
One of the most important aspect in the life of every human being is conversation, it is essential everywhere considering that you are mixing with other people. Conversation is the exchange of ideas, point of views or experiences between two or more people. Talking and listening are the main events in a conversation. Talking may be done to inquire or give out an idea or view while listening is the receiving of the audible information of any nature whether inquiry or suggestive. Both talking and listening have to occur once or repeatedly for a complete conversation. We talk of what we know, see, think and imagine but we listen an idea from one another’s perspective not knowing how or what is going on in their brains. Maxim and Bryan (1990). Both talking and listening play a role in conversations and daily living. Considering the human lifestyle, daily interacting and many other factors around our lives, effective listening is more important than talking.
In a conversation or while communicating verbally, effective listening allows conflict resolution at the same time avoids conflicts. Some conversations include arguments in which the people involved may differ in opinions. Listening effectively before talking gives you time to think of the possible outcomes of the talk. Some parts or details of a conversation may be late unintended in the talk hence quick response may result in unintended conflicts. In cases where the conflict itself has occurred; it takes effective listening to understand the conflict basis in order to be able to solve it. Salem (2003)
The brains reception from hearing aligns with the listening efficiency. Effective listening is important for learning. Carefully listening allows the intake of new concepts and ideas into the brain. Listening is the main instrument used in learning institutes due to its efficiency in putting across new insights and ideas to the listeners’ brain.
The image and personality of oneself in the society is affected by many factors amongst them, efficient listening being a major determinant. Once you are an efficient listener, you always live-in harmony with other members of the society. People like to relate and hang out with those who can listen effectively to them as the art of effective listening reveals a show of concern and care. Worthington (2003) Effective listening creates a hi

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