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Education Law Final Project Literature & Language Case Study (Case Study Sample)


The instruction required the writer to read a case study and respond to it based on the US first amendment, the decision of the supreme court, and other laws related to education. Additionally, the paper discussed the implication of the study on future education.


Education Law
Education Law
In the US, there are no explicitly stated the positive federal constitutional right to an education that is fundamental to everyone. However, owing to the insufficiency in the Constitution, state governments have been the main regulators of all the right linked to education under the guidance of the 10th Amendment (Underwood, 2018). The state, as well as local governments, have had the duty to assess and evaluate the amount of education as well as the right accompanied by that education for the people. The education law is a region of the regulation that touches on the responsibility and role of schools to the students and educators as well as the rights of the citizens to gain a public education (Findlay, 2007). According to education policy, public education should prepare students for citizenship, teaching cultural literacy and make them critical thinkers without discrimination. Consequently, the paper will provide an understanding of how education law has influenced the education rights of students as well as the performance of schools in the US.
In a society where parents and children increasingly sue learning institutions against a weak or inappropriate school system, it is paramount for teachers as well as school administrators to have an understanding of the school law. Recognizing these rules as a school head will help the establishment to act in accordance with school law and prevent the cost as well as obligations associated with a lawsuit (Russo, 2015; Sydor, 2006). Some of the significance of knowing these education laws among the educators include;
* Schools, colleges and universities are accountable just like other organizations in the business world. As a result, it is mandatory for the school to act compliant with the education laws to show transparency in every undertaking. In the process, it makes the whole school fraternity cautious in all its undertakings.
* It enables the institution to be compliant. Amenability with the state as well as federal government plans and the appropriate school laws is of significance because it eliminates any chances of litigation.

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