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Vulnerable Population: People-Exiting Prisons (Case Study Sample)


write about overview of people existing in prison as a vulnerable population. 


Vulnerable Population: People in existing prisons
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Vulnerable population: People-Exiting Prisons
Many offenders experience significant difficulties re-entering or reintegrating into the community after their release from correctional institutions. These difficulties can be compounded by social disadvantages and complex needs associated with mental illness and substance abuse, homelessness, discrimination, and unemployment (Kendall et al., 2018). Furthermore, prisoners tend to have higher psychiatric issues, excessive alcohol consumption, illicit substance use, etc., than the general population. Therefore people-exiting prisons and jails have substantial and complex needs for health care services and access to these interventions. The need is high because their primary health concerns can lead to prolonged and significant chronic consequences. This article will provide an overview of people existing in prison as a vulnerable population. Furthermore, highlight the major mental illness problem that faces this ground and why I am interested in this problem as a public health scholar-practitioner. Also, the article will detail indicators of morbidity and mortality with mental illness and how urbanization and poverty contribute to mental health among ex-convicts.

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