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a geological event or process either now or in the past (Case Study Sample)

AN event THAT happened in China source..
Flood Pains in Hunan Name Institution Flood Pains in Hunan Description China has experienced many geological events, which have left many in pain due to loss of homes, properties, and loved ones. My uncle who lives in Hunan province is telling one such painful story. One day in July 2014, as he and his family were at home relaxing, it started raining. The raining continued for a moment, and what seemed as normal rain turned deadly. My uncle told me that water levels started to rise and people started running for safety. Floodwater on the roads swept away some cars and submerged others. Pedestrians also had a rough time crossing the roads. They had to tie their waists with ropes to prevent themselves from being swept away by the speeding water. The large amount of water swallowed the city and formed a lake. The heavy downpour was also accompanied by high winds. They brought down many trees that surrounded my uncle’s compound. It also destroyed many rooftops and power lines in the town, leaving many families without power. To save their lives, they had to go to rescue centers, but their journey to the centers was not easy. The rescue workers had a long day improvising rescue methods. Children and grownups crossed over using their neighbors’ rooftops using ladders to escape the deadly water. According to my uncle, over 5 meters deep water extended to over 100 kilometers in the town, displacing thousands of families who had lived in Hunan for decades. Reflection The story touched me and increased my urge to conserve the environment. I learned that none of us is safe from weather catastrophes. I realized that it is not the Mother Nature that needs us, we are the ones who need the Mother Nature. I also realized that water can sweep away houses and cars, and it is not advisable to find shelter in the areas when faced by floods. I learned from my uncle that they were running to rescue centers, which were located on the high areas. Therefore, to stay safe, I have to go to the highest ground possible. I also learned it is always safe for people to keep first aid items and non-perishable foods to prepare for a flood or other geological event. Connection Even though I was far away from Hunan, the story affected me in a great way. When the media broke the story on Hunan flooding, we could not have a peace of mind at home. We could not even eat, as we did not know the status of my uncle and his family back in Hunan. We kept trying re...
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