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XYZ case study IT & Computer Science Case Study Paper (Case Study Sample)


XYZ Corporation is a small Internet service provider (ISP) company consisting of two multipurpose servers and 25 networked workstations. All the employees in the corporation have Internet access and use e-mail. About five employees use laptops out in the field.
There are 32 employees in the company consisting of the CEO, systems administrator, IT personnel, help desk, finance personnel, and field representatives. With the information provided above, determine who has what levels of authorization (Remember there are three levels of authorization). Correctly assign the levels of authorization to the employees. Also, describe the different identification methods that the organization should use to correctly identify the employees.
Below, additional information is provided.
The 25 networked workstations and other systems are assigned as follows:
CEO and system administrator—1 workstation each, help desk department—13 workstations, finance department—5 workstations, IT department—5 workstations, field representatives—5 laptops, and computer room—2 servers.
Your project should be a minimum of two pages in length, double-spaced. You must utilize at least one scholarly source. Use your own words,


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Executive summary
XYZ is a small Internet Service Provider company that consists of twenty-five workstations and two multipurpose servers. All organization employees use e-mails and have internet access. About five employees work remotely from the field. In addition, the company comprises of 32 employees who are the company CEO, field representatives, IT personnel, system administrators, finance personnel, and the help-desk team. This monogram will describe the various levels of authorization required for each department.
Levels of authorization
Authorizations are permissions and rights granted by a certain application or user which enables access to the company’s resources or network. Once a certain user has been properly authenticated and identified, the different authorization levels then determine the extent of network rights which a user has access to.

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