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How the Mayor Manage Budget Cuts and Ways to Solve Budget Crisis and Increased Taxes (Case Study Sample)


Task requirements:
- the task involved analyzing a case study to decide how the mayor can manage his budget cuts that reduced the expenditure and increased the taxes.
the sample fulfills the same.


Case Study Analysis: Mayor Evan Sweeney’s Budget Cuts
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Case Study Analysis: Mayor Evan Sweeney’s Budget Cuts
Centralville, Massachusetts has been experiencing severe fiscal stress in the past few years caused by budget deficit. In the past years, several budget cuts were put into effect to tackle the precarious budget crisis the city faced but the outcome hasn’t been satisfactory. There are no unnecessary or wasteful budgets spending in effect that can be discontinued. Moreover, even further budget cuts have to be enforced in the said fiscal year – 1991to balance the budget even though it could result in a political fight.
The main cause of the budget crisis is insufficient local revenue and simultaneous pressure from the citizens asking for additional services in the city, resulting in extravagant spending. However, under Proposition 21/2, the city officials are unable to collect enough tax to pay for those spending. Additionally, taxpayers are demanding high-quality public services but refuse to pay higher taxes which are essential to balance the budget. To intensify the already worrisome budget preparation, there are groups that made sure they only benefit from the budget and protest budget cuts. Therefore, it is important for the Mayor to consider the possib

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