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About Writing A Summary Of An Article: In Praise Of Localism (Case Study Sample)


the paper was about writing a summary of an article


Pesticides Summary
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Pesticides Summary
“In Praise of Localism” talks about the most learned people who happen to be the most fools in the world. According to the book, the story does not end with Rachael Carson nor with end with the note of triumph. The most frustrating thing about the insects is that their paradoxes are persistent and durable. However, the Silent Spring managed to change Americans’ conceptualization of the environmental consequences of insect control in an ever-expanding landscape of factory farms.
The farmers initiated the earlier methods to control pests in the farms before the emergence of the Division of Entomology. According to McWilliams (2005), the men and women who responsible for the soil pioneered experiments, vernacular, flexible, and reversible responses to insects invasions showed results that they were their own nonsustainable agricultural practices (McWilliams, 2005). Therefore, this book offers a suggestion about the future control of the insect's pest give that the Americans have little reasons for the systematic reform of their monoculture ways. The government has to be keen on environmental issues that might lead to the increase of these insects. Further, it has to integrate the pest management structure with the sustainable farming practices.
A risk is always relative and situational and it is not acceptable when it reaches some limit. Therefore, some states would not mind injuring or maiming few individuals as long as it does do outweigh the annual prediction of injuries. However, finding that tipping point where risk is no longer acceptable is point difficult. Therefore, there are areas where America has to address the risks of the pesticides exposure. Some of the areas include the U.S introduction to the genetically modified organisms (GMO) in food, endocrine disruptors, and the embrace of the organic food (Mart, 2015). However, the mechanisms have raised a lot of concern about the risks that pesticides might affect the individual. Ironically, the popular and political views of the pesticides have changed with time.
Many scholars spoke about the endocrines and it has brought so much heated debate about the effects it might have. The argument is that individual might be powerless in avoiding the organism or chemicals associated with their spread all over the environment. However, the growth of organic food was not only to make consumers make decisions about what to buy but also to due to the support from the government regulatory system.
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