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Infusionator Case study on Ethics in Marketing Economics Case Study (Case Study Sample)


International marketing analysis
Involves analysis of how infusionator company ; based in Australia , will manufacture its product for export market.
It compares all three market to establish the market entry plans


The Infusionator Case study on Ethics in International Marketing
August 28, 2020.
Chosen Country: Germany.
Section 1: Identification of market-specific issues, constraints, and opportunities.
Thailand economy has numerous environmental and ethical issues to be evaluated before Infusionator management needs to consider for outsourcing. According to the World Bank (2020), the Thailand economy has made tremendous progress in socio-economic development, transiting from low to an upper-income country in less than four decades. Since the 1960s, its economy has maintained a stable annual growth rate of 5-7% demystifying the success stories attached to Thai economy especially in sustainable growth and exemplary poverty reduction(World Bank, 2020).On the contrary, the economy has been said to be at its darkest outlook in Asia -pacific following COVID-19 hurdle that has restricted consumption and smooth business operation imposed by government as pandemic containment measures. The country gross domestic product is expected to shrink by 8.1%by 2021(Limited, 2020). This is far much detrimental value compared to Germany and Australia that have higher economic resilience and better disaster management approaches, ranking 20th and 9th respectively on global resilience index (Briguglio et al., 2008).
Thailand is still recovering from political instabilities that saw a loss of more than 6,000 lives since 2004(World Bank, 2020). World Bank has dramatically aided resumption to normalcy through peacebuilding efforts, especially in Southern Thailand. Placement of country under military Junta systems from 2014-2019 means than political stability has been relatively low. Resumption of democracy through March 2019 general election saw upward increase of political stability index from -1.44 in 2010 to -0.71 in 2018(on -2.5 for weakest to 2.5 for most robust) (The Global Economy, 2020), a promising trend toward achieving political stability. Nevertheless, the new government does nothing to protect the country’s fragile democracy(Murray, 2019) thus stability isn’t a guarantee for Infusionator operations in Thailand.
Figure 1 shows labor comparison of Thailand, Australia and Germany. From the graph, it’s clear that Thailand has higher labor freedom compared to Germany but lower in relative to that of Australian labors. This means that worker in Thailand better labour regulatory efficiency their Germany counterparts. However, the labour market has been associated with gender inequalities, inequalities, especially in private sectors, low labour unions and immigrations (Yutika, 2018). Weakened trade unions, especially under military junta rule, weaken labour rights leading to the total disregard of workforce welfare. At the national level, force labour slavery and human trafficking are still immense due to poor immigration policy by Thailand central government (“Human Trafficking, forced labour & slavery corporate accountability database”, 2020). This results to close to 2 million migrants’ workers hovering across the country, with 30,000 and 3,000 from Myanmar and Cambodia, respectively (ARPON, 2017). Infusionator should ensure that it operates with humanity limit and should seek to address and shun away from workers exploitation, human trafficking and forced labour.

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