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Supporting Or Refuting The Use Of The Nozick's Experience Machine (Case Study Sample)


Write an essay supporting or refuting the use of The Nozick's Experience Machine

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The Nozick’s Experience Machine
I would not plug into Nozick’s experience machine basing on a number of factors. Firstly, this machine is not based on reality but only fantasy. In as much one would desire to do or become something in future, having an experience or the feeling on the same does not remit that desire completely (Weijers 520). There is no actualization of one’s desire. I would say that this experience machine is a form of a dreaming box where someone goes through a series of events and moments that he or she is not having them in the real sense. In other words, it is just meant to cure short-terms desires without having to transcend through all the levels to reach the long-term fulfillment. I would want to have contact with my reality and not just having experiences about it.
Secondly, the Nozick’s experience machine does not give the true picture of an individual. It is evidently true that one may desire to have an experience of anything he or she aspires to be. However, the experience portrayed by this machine does not really give out the actual character and personality of that particular user. The reality is the only fundamental measure that can rate and paint the true picture of a person. Relying on machines will only give the experience that one desires but in the reality, he or she cannot afford the same experience (Weijers 529).
Like any other manmade machinery, Nozick’s experience machine is subject to failure, and so its reliability is at stake. One may not be certain when the machine might malfunction and the effects or consequences associated and this makes it risky at the same time. I would want to imagine when one is plugged into that machine and in the course of the event the machine fails or develops complications. It is absolutely indisputable that the first person to affect is the one plugged in. I would presume the effects may be more mental than physical because the brain is the major concern in this. Issues of mental impairment or disillusionment may arise (Weijers 517).
Human beings are not automatic beings. They are meant to engage and take part in activities and not just have an experience of them. The world provides opportunities for the only people who do activities and not those who have had the experience of how such activities are done. Getting the experience from the Nozick’s machine will only make one satisfied for a very short moment, but doing the activity brings eternal satisfaction without further desire. Experience which is not put into practice is nothing but a waste. The experience machine only grants experience that you’ve no...
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