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Contemporary Humanitarian Crisis: What The Major Elements Of Success (Case Study Sample)


analyze the cases according to the following elements:1) What the major elements of success. 2) Discussion of 1 case specific question. Combine these two elements into a cohesive essay with a introduction/thesis, supporting paragraphs and conclusion.


Case Discussion
Case Discussion
The contemporary humanitarian crisis has become increasingly dynamic due to a number of factors. Consequently, the emergencies arising from the highly dynamic humanitarian situation have subjected humanitarian activities to serious strain. It is against this backdrop that it has become extremely important for organizations and individuals involved in the provision of humanitarian aid to develop innovative approaches that would in the long-term protect the lives and dignity of the people who have been affected and to ensure that these people spend the aid as efficiently as possible. According to the Overseas Development Institute (2015), giving aid directly in the form of cash to the affected people in a humanitarian crisis situation is a highly effective way of reducing suffering. Moreover, this approach enables the limited humanitarian budgets to serve a great number of people. Thus, the Overseas Development Institute (2015) urges the community to consider giving more aid in the form of cash. Moreover, Overseas Development Institute (2015) also recommends that the humanitarian community should make cash key to the future emergency response planning.
Subsequently, cash grants are often given to mothers because women and girls have been found to suffer disproportionately during emergencies (ActionAid, 2017). According to ActionAid (2017), more women than men are usually killed by the rapid onset catastrophes, for example earthquakes and tsunamis, and violence against girls and women is worsened during all emergencies, and particularly in conflict. Furthermore, social customs that restrict the access that women have to the existing public spaces can mean that women are disfranchised from accessing the much-needed aid as well as in the making of decisions that affect their lives. In a nutshell, mothers are more vulnerable to emergencies as opposed to men and consequently, this rationalizes why the humanitarian community gives them preference when g

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