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Ethical Lapses Social Sciences Case Study Research (Case Study Sample)


discuss the ethical lapses of the companies ceo


Ethical Lapses
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Ethical lapses can be referred to as a situation where one is unethical. In other words, when one does against the accepted societal norms is considered unethical. From the case study, there are several cases of ethical this case study includes; the CEO was involved with illegal drug use which is against the accepted code of conduct. Underage drinking is another lapse that is evident. It is against the rule of law to drink while under the legal age. Another big lapse that is clearly evident in this case study is the misogynistic behavior. The CEO manifested this behavior is various was ways such harassing women who he deemed to be overweight as well as urination on one who passed out following sex. Another ethical lapse in this study is racism. The CEO also manifested this through his emails.

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