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Factors that Affects Gender and Wealth Inequality (Case Study Sample)


The assignment is about Completing the Social Group Matrix.I was supposed to find two important social groups that are affected by social inequity and could benefit from social transformation. I'd figure out what reasons contribute to their group dynamics and social disparity, what social change is required, and what strategies and policies can help achieve that change.


-136525-52895500Social Group Matrix

Social Group 1: Gender inequality

Social Group 2: Wealth inequality

Describe the social group and the group’s dynamics, including a summary of factors that contribute to the group’s dynamics.

Inequality in which, from a legal standpoint, social gender/sex has unequal rights and differences. Due to discrimination based on sex or gender, one sex or gender is regularly privileged or prioritized over another, resulting in gender inequality. Discrimination based on gender is a breach of gender equality, which is a fundamental human right. Treatment may be based on differences in genetics, psychology, or society cultural values. Some of these differences appear to be socially generated, while others appear to be experimentally grounded. The major cause of gender inequality is the function and place that society assigns to women.

Inequality in society will be based on incomes, poor work quality, a lack of education, and the inability to fully engage in society. If there is enough economic inequality, a democracy can devolve into a plutocracy, or a society governed by the wealthy. Large gaps in inherited wealth can be particularly damaging, resulting in an economic caste system that stifles social mobility and hinders equality of opportunity. Wages are determined by the capitalist market, which is a major source of economic disparities in modern economies. On the other side, a high wage will arise from a low supply and high demand. Salary differences are the source of inequity between different types of labor. Salary differences are the source of inequity between different types of labor.

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