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Case Study On Software: Challenges Faces By The Organization (Case Study Sample)


case study on software


Neuro operating corporation running software house and their client has demanded software which could run the overall operations of their company but later, client made some changes in their demand. Now Neuro operating corporation has to tackle and provide recommendations regarding how organization is going to address the changes. The scale of change is incremental change and the timings of Neuro operating corporation change is Anticipatory change and the focus of change include the individual level.
Challenges faces by the organization are addressed as follows:
* Future uncertainty:
New requirements can bring certain facts that are unclear to organization, these facts are essential to define potential demand for a company's service.. It is fairly natural regardless of well-organized planning, unforeseen challenges occur.
* Fiscal management:
Finance would be another challenge of change. Company has to look its profit margins, reduction in cost, cash flow, financing etc.
* Monitoring performance:
Company has to check the performance of system as wells employees working on new requirements. For this, new performance indicators will be required according to the change.
* Regulation and compliance:
As the requirements changes, so do rules and regulations also. Formation of new rules and regulations according to the complexity of change will be another challenge.
* Experiences and employing the right talent:
Working on different and changed requirements demands new skillful employees for developing goals, for identifying the necessity for change, creating innovative solutions, and for the implementation of solution and goals.
* Technology:
Bringing a modern technology to cop up the change is essential.
* Technical challenge:
Failure in functionality and performance can cause high technical risk which a major challenge faced by organizations dealing with software. There are many things that can cause technical challenge like constantly changing requirements product is difficult to implement, complex project modules etc.
* Programmatic challenge:

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