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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Ethical Dilemma in Financial Reporting: Manipulating Sales Figures for Job Preservation (Case Study Sample)


In summary, Harmony's choice to manipulate financial statements raises ethical concerns related to honesty, integrity, and transparency. Potential consequences include legal issues, reputational harm, and financial instability. Upholding integrity through adherence to professional standards, accurate reporting, and analysis of underlying causes is essential for maintaining stakeholder trust and long-term success.


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Ethical Dilemma in Financial Reporting: Manipulating Sales Figures for Job Preservation
In this case study, we examine the ethical predicament of Harmony, a Senior Accountant at a bank. Harmony discovers that two branches consistently fall short of targets, potentially facing closure. Driven by empathy, she considers inflating sales revenue for all branches. This study raises fundamental ethical questions about accountants' conduct and the consequences of manipulating financial data. Evaluating Harmony's ethical standpoint, and associated risks, and proposing ethical alternatives offers insight into the complex considerations faced by financial management professionals.
Harmony's actions pose significant ethical concerns. Manipulating financial statements by inflating sales revenue deviates from ethical principles and professional standards in accounting. Deliberately misrepresenting financial data compromises honesty, integrity, and transparency, undermining the purpose of financial reporting. Financial statements

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