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Topic: Case Study (Case Study Sample)


the task entailed answering case study questions.


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1. What is PSwebsite's history and missions, an information portal focused on health-related issues?
PS website was initially called Réseau Proteus and was created in 1998 by Christian Lamontagne. The website was primarily designed to provide scientific information concerning complementary health and healthcare approaches in the French language. Lucie & André Chagnon Foundation later acquired Réseau Proteus in 2001 and rebranded it to in 2005. Tep and Sénécal highlight that the PS website’s mission is to provide practical, reliable, and accessible health promotion, disease prevention, complementary and alternative medicine use information to the public (1).
2. What is unique about PS's business model and financial situation?
PS utilizes a digital business model, whereby it creates value by developing consumer benefits through digital technologies. The unique aspect of PS's business model is that the company has leveraged a vast range of digital solutions, including social features, to generate an advantage for which customers are willing to pay. For instance, PS has online forums, blogs, portal services, etc., which foster consumer participation. It also has weekly newsletters to which more than 130,000 people have subscribed. PS’s financial situation is stable, given that the website features high traffic and has a large subscriber population.
3. What added value does the PS Portal offer users interested in general health-related content?
The added value that the PS portal offers to users interested in general health-related content is rigorous and scientifically verified information. Tep and Sénécal note that all content undergoes careful scientific review by a team comprising more than 45 collaborators (2). This way, users access quality information that enhances their health-related knowledge.
4. How is PS's content distinct from that offered by its direct competitors?
PS’s content is different from that offered by direct competitors in that it features a vast range of health-related information. Unlike competitors who focus on specific categories, PS covers multiple health issues, including nutrition, pregnancy, medication, diet, psychology, sexuality, mental health, etc. Moreover, PS’s content is scientifically verified and reviewed.
5. From the perspective of traditional/dominant business models of health-related virtual communities, what would happen if PS's online community platform had to rely on advertising revenue?
Advertising reve

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