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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
Case Study
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Crithink 21 Co., Ltd. Sensitivity Analysis Report (Case Study Sample)


The student was required to read a company's brief case study and conduct a sensitivity analysis of various factors. From the sensitivity analysis, the task required that a tornado chart is created to express the relationship of the factors mentioned earlier visually. The critical analysis was carried out in Excel, and a report was made afterward.


Crithink 21 Co., Ltd. Sensitivity Analysis Report
The summary table below is based on the current year’s sales and costs.
From the chart, at any price level the impact of the categories remains the same. This indicates that while these factors affect the operating profits, they are not price sensitive.
1 The most important factors that Tajima should be concerned with are the price per session, sessions sold, and the cost of marketing. From the sensitivity analysis, it is seen that a change in price per session, the number of sessions sold and the cost of advertising have the highest levels of impact on the operating profit. For example, an increase in price results in a consequent increase in the operating profit all other factors remaining constant. Similarly, an increase in

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