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NIKE: Company’s Positioning and Competitive Advantage (Case Study Sample)


its about how nike has overcome challenges


Nike Incorporation is one of the biggest companies in the world which deals with football apparel. This case study is purposed to review some of the marketing strategies that the company utilizes to remain competitive in the industry. It reflects some of Nike's competitive approaches that other organizations have not considered combining or using to achieve better results. This has, in turn, led to the high rate of growth, popularity, and profitability witnessed in Nike. According to Ofek and Johnson (2011), after the Vice President of Nike, Trevor Edward, confirmed the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, he urged his team to pursue a plan that would give the company a better position in the market. Later, to verify their plan in making the best out of this event, Trevor visited Nike's campus to meet the marketing and football leadership so that they could go through the approach together. Ofek and Johnson (2011) reflect various strategies that a company can utilize to ensure that its initial plan will yield anticipated outcomes. For instance, the marketing and football leadership team had a draft that was refined with the help of an executive board before implementation. In return, Nike was able to achieve its goals and, hence, its focus on the competitive advantage and teamwork was an essential aspect of success.
Situation Analysis
Marketing strategy
Ofek and Johnson (2011) postulate that Nike's marketing strategy is comprehensive yet simple to follow. Unlike most companies in such an industry, its main approach entails engaging clients so that they can be convinced, inspired, and connected. For instance, the first strategy utilized before the 2010 World Cup was issuing new deals in the form of uniforms and boots. This was given as top-of-the-line performance offering to the world's best players. According to Trevor Edwards, this is among the ways through which the company pursues its target customers to market products and, in turn, make a decision depending on the quality provided. Indeed, their commodities in the market play a vital role during the promotion. For instance, shoes and uniforms are defined as the “judge and jury” because they are in the form of a coded message. Also, Nike's motivation in the industry is based on the belief that if an organization does not produce something that voluntarily compels customers to purchase it, then the team is doing business in the wrong way.
Branding Strategy
Besides polarizing geographical and social boundaries using performance offering, Ofek and Johnson (2011) have explored the branding strategies utilized by Nike. The company pursued different age groups and populaces to purchase their products. For instance, ah

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