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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Budgeting and sponsoring (Coursework Sample)

this was a coursework completion assignment on budgeting and sponsoring activities. a case scenario is an event and you are to generate costs of the event, sponsors with their sponsorship value, revenues and finally to write a budget showing profit obtained from the event. the task measures coursework principles. source..
Budgeting and sponsoring Name: University Assignment Name Date Budgeting and sponsoring The event of promoting local goods which is held at the Chaingmai International Exhibition and Convention center has costs and revenues from it. The costs, budgeting, sponsoring, and revenues of the event are discussed below Costs of the event Costs will include hiring the venue for three days, paying two guest speakers (Note Udom and Pimtha), having a mini concert CGM48 1, decorating the venue, and the costs of live streaming the event. The costs for the event are tabulated below Costs Value (Baht) Hiring a venue for 3 days 1,800,000 Guest speakers 60,000 Mini concert CGM48 180,000 Decorating the venue 55,000 Livestreaming 60,000 Revenues, Funding, and sponsorship Sponsorship of the event will be done by the owner's funds, sponsors, and booth sales. The revenue streams from various sponsors and booth sales are tabulated below Sponsors Doi Kham 2,500,000 TCEB 100,000 DTAC 300,000 Thai Airways 350,000 SITE Thailand 50,000 Ichitan 150,000 Booth sales 18 booths@ 8000 Baht 144,000 Returns on investment will be made by the sponsors. The event is about promoting sales of local goods and services to both local and international markets through streaming and having a concert. Sponsors of the event are interested in the event to promote their sales and after which they hope to get a return on their investment when their sales increase. All the sponsors are companies that provide localized goods and services hence eagerly intereste...
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