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Cash flow statement analysis Accounting, Finance, SPSS Coursework (Coursework Sample)


This sample focuses on the cash flow Statement of three companies and shows the various trends in the cash flows. The way the companies are utilising their cash flow is also paid attention to in the sample


Issues in cash flow statement
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Contents TOC \o "1-1" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc50751605 \h 41 (a) major sources of cash and utility PAGEREF _Toc50751606 \h 4(b) Trend in operating items PAGEREF _Toc50751607 \h 6(e) Source of covering dividend payments PAGEREF _Toc50751608 \h 6(f) Sources of capital expenditure PAGEREF _Toc50751609 \h 7(g) Usage of working capital PAGEREF _Toc50751610 \h 7(i)Trends in capital expenditure PAGEREF _Toc50751611 \h 7
Income statement is a financial tool to know about the total expenses and revenue of the organisation. Income statement helps the firms to understand the sources of the income and expenditures. Through proper understanding of the statement one can reduce the sources of expenditure. In this report there is analysis of cash flow statement of three companies Santos Ltd, BHP ltd. FUNTASTIC Ltd. the report contains detailed information about each activity of the cash flow statement and various trends are also highlighted. BHP ltd. is generating enough cash from operating items to meets it expenses. Other two companies are also able to meet there expenses through one source or other.
The income statement is made up of revenue and expenses alongside the subsequent net gain or deficit over some stretch of time due to acquiring exercises. The income statement shows speculators and the board if the firm brought and generated cash during the period announced. Income and expenses are incorporated in the working segment of an income statement. Income comprises of money inflows or different upgrades of advantages of a substance, and expenses are comprised of money surges or other spending of benefits or bringing about of liabilities. Revenues and increases from non-essential business activities are incorporated in the non – operating side of the income statement. The "reality" of an income statement is the net gain that is determined in the wake of taking away the expenses from income. It is critical to financial specialists as it speaks about the benefit for the bookkeeping time frame owing to the investors.
Cash flow statement is one of the essential and vital functions of the organisation and considers cash from three sources—through operations, investing, and financing. The entirety of these three sections is called net cash flow. A cash flow articulation is a fiscal summary that gives total information with respect to all cash inflows an organization gets from its continuous operations and outside venture sources. An organization’s fiscal reports offer financial specialists and experts a picture of the apparent multitude of exchanges that experience the business, where each exchange adds to its prosperity.
The three unique areas of the cash flow proclamation can assist speculators with deciding the estimation of an organization’s value. Cash Flows from Operations – This segment of the cash flow includes cash flows from operations segment starts with total compensation, at that point accommodates all noncash things to cash things including operational exercises. Cash Flows from Investing – This is the second area of the cash flow explanation sees cash flows from investing (CFI) and is the after effect of speculation increases and misfortunes. Cash Flows from Financing – Cash flows from financing (CFF) are the last area of the cash flow articulation. The segment gives an outline of cash utilized in business financing.
The income statement and cash flow statement plays an important role for investors. Income statement helps the investors to know about all the operating as well as non operating revenues which is not possible through cash flow statements. Cash flow statements give an idea about the actual cash generated. By using the statements mentioned investors can take all the important and vital decisions regarding their investments. If the company has a positive cash flow from all sources then investors must show keen interest in investing. If the income statement shows more of increasing expenses then it may lead to decrease in the interest of the investor to invest.

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