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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Financial Analysis Of Quartz Antique Furniture Finance Coursework (Coursework Sample)


In this paper, financial Problem was to be analysed through various techniques. The sample shows how different problems were approached and solved.


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Financial Analysis of Quartz Antique Furniture Ltd
In financial analysis of organizations, income statements present financial information that indicates whether organizations are making significant profits or they are incurring losses. Income statements capture financial data for a specific period that can be compared with past financial performance, as pointed by Drake and Fabozzi (2012). For the shareholders to understand the financial direction of their company, they observe company revenue, gross profit or loss, and operating expenses, as presented in the income statements (Drake and Fabozzi 2009). By evaluating the income statement of Quartz Antique Furniture Ltd, shareholders will be able to understand company revenue, gross profit or loss, and operating expenses to determine whether the company targets are being achieved or not.
Analysis of balance sheets gives an overview of the organizational financial position in terms of existing assets, liabilities, and respective equity of the shareholders. Both assets and liabilities are expressed as either fixed or current in balance sheets making shareholders to assess the capability of their company to pay for its existing liabilities (Pratt 2014). Such information shows shareholders the stability of their company in the market, and its capability to remain competitive in the future (Fraser and Ormiston 2016). From analyzing the balance sheet of Quartz Antique Furniture Ltd, shareholders will be able to evaluate company position and its competitiveness from its current and long-term assets, liabilities, and existing equity. That will show the capability of their company to achieve its existing financial targets.
Evaluation of cash flow statements shows overall activities performed in company business in a certain period. Such information shows all transactions made in business activities, and the invested amount should coincide with operating expenses for trust to be maintained among shareholders (Kimmel, Kieso and Weygandt 2015). Since available balances are observable in cash flow statements, shareholders of Quartz Antique Furniture Ltd can use the information to calculate net income as well as net cash flows in their company.
Part1: Financial Performance

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