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Analysis of West Side Story and Describing the Experience (Coursework Sample)


The task involved an analysis of west side story and describing how the experience was.


West Side Story
West Side Story
On February 6th, 2016, I went to Midland, which is a thirty minute drive. The town is medium size, and the performance would take place there. We went to attend arts performance with my friend Alwaleed. After reaching the Lincoln Park Preforming Arts Center, which was the venue, we were warmly welcomed by a gentleman.
The park was fantastic and had many beautiful buildings. There were a small cafe and an entrance leading to the theater center. The gentleman took us to the place where a ticket was bought and to our shock, the attendant said the tickets were over. I tried to enquire from the attendants if by any means we could get tickets to attend the function, but all was in vain. Alwaleed was confused. The only option left was to watch the show standing at the back of the hall and paying was a must. We were late with ten minutes though we found some music playing at the stage
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