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Evaluation Of The Role Played By Nurses In An Emergency Room (Coursework Sample)


an evaluation of the role played by Nurses in an EMERGENCY room


Role of Nurses in the Emergency Room
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Role of Nurses in the Emergency Room
In the healthcare setting, emergency is a term used to refer to a patient's condition that requires immediate medical interventions to stabilize their health or avert further complications. It can be an illness or injury that threatens the patient's life. One of the professionals involved in such situations is a nurse. This team member plays a crucial role in assessing the health of an individual who has been involved in a particular disaster. This is followed by appropriate medical interventions (Ignatavicius, Linda, & Cherie, 2017). These roles will be the focus on this essay. It will involve expounding on the components of emergency nursing. The role of nurses during medical emergencies entail offering initial evaluations and treatment to the affected individuals.
In order to offer effective services to victims of a disaster, nurses should exhibit certain general capabilities. To begin with, these professionals should have the medical knowledge needed to treat different injuries or diseases (Ignatavicius, Linda, & Cherie, 2017). This is because disasters are of different forms and can prompt a wide array of medical complications. The cases presented in an emergency room can range from broken bones to heart attacks, high blood pressure, cuts, burns, or poisoning. Similarly, the nurses should be able to offer quality healthcare services to patients within all the age brackets. This requires general as well as specific skills and knowledge on relevant medical situations.
As part of the evaluation efforts of nurses during emergencies, the first step is triage. It entails sorting the victims of a disaster into three major categories: emergent, urgent, and non-urgent. cases classified as emergent should be

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