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Crosby manafuctaring case study (Coursework Sample)


The task was a case study The sample was about a selection of a new project manager who had not been in the management team before. He was supposed to chair a meeting to discuss on ideas to improvise the company information systems.

Crosby Manufacturing Case Study
Synopsis of the case study
Wilfred Livingston who is the president of Crosby Manufacturing Corporation prepares a meeting with all departmental managers, for a discussion on constraints that are affecting their management cost and information systems. The agenda of the meeting was how to improvise their information systems so as to increase productivity and growth. Mr. Livingstone suggested a replacement of their computers with models that were more advanced. Together with his departmental manager they decided to discuss on the effective cost, time invested and challenges to be encountered to implement the change. One of the managers added that they should also evaluate the vendors. Livingston appoints a project leader for the planning group, Tim Emary, who is inexperienced in the line of the project.
Discussion as to whether or not Livingston’s selection of Emary as project manager was a mistake.
In the case study we see that Livingston who is the president of Crosby manufacturing corporation appoint Tim Emary as the project manager, of the management costs and information systems project. Despite the fact that Emary is a capable and potential planner he does not belong to either any form of former formal management group or department of EDP as well as any department functioning, where project managers comes from. Therefore, Livingston choosing Emary as the project manager was actually a mistake since this project is essential and delicate to the company. Thus it would have been more appropriate if the project was assigned to someone who is really experienced and at least has conducted any other form of a project.
For the success of this project there should have been a proper planning, an electronic data processing as well as cost accounting. By any chance failure to properly implement these factors appropriately towards the project would lead to wastage of time, money and other resources. Initially Livingston presents a problem to a meeting whereby the project is not clarified. In such a project they were supposed to discuss on the objectivity and the plan. Livingston does not even explain the budget allocated for the project. He does not remind the managers on objectives of business which are the key factors of initiating this information system project. For the latter the meeting ends and he requires the managers to come up with a plan, identify risks and to do budgetary and financial analysis. Tim Emary is just announced as the project leader. He does not participate in the initialization of the project, and does not talk even once in the meeting. In this case a good project leader should create a connection with the members of his team. Emery would have made an excellent leader since Livingston says that he is good in making sure the job is done and he is a good time manager. However most of the managers lack skills like motivation to the rest of the group. In the case study there is nowhere written that Emary possessed any of the skills, and we are not sure if he is interpersonal. Livingston says” I’m sure your people will give him all the necessary support he needs”. Nevertheless he never declares Emary’s willingness to support the rest of the team members. Hence Tim Emary having had no experience, and other shortcomings in the field of project management it would have rendered him capable to tackle each and every situation he encounters, in an appropriate manner.
Possible reaction of the functional employees to the appointment of Emary as project manager.
There is a high likelihood of detachment, lack of cooperation and disrespect from the functional employees toward the project manager. This is because Livingston just presents a team leader to rest of the members without discussing with them. Livingston also uses a language that is not professional like;”we’re having one hell of a time and he’s not as knowledgeable as you people”. First He was supposed to talk to the members of the team appropriately and in a more respectful manner. He was supposed to create a better environment among the employees during the meeting. Some of the necessities that Emary was supposed to have is motivation and encouragement towards the team. Emary had the responsibility of providing required information to the team members since Livingston never gave out enough information initially. Emary was also supposed to facilitate excellent communication to the members, something that the president didn’t do. The team members tend not to believe in Emary because he is inexperienced in the project, no one is sure whether he will support the team and bring out the project as a success. On the other hand the decision of an appropriate project manager, who is a key to success for any project, is appointed once the initial decisions are at place. In our case Emary was appointed earlier before the initialization of the project, which may be termed by other managers as the inappropriate protocol.
Impact of cost and time constraints on networking techniques and project schedules.
Time is a constraint in networking techniques and project schedules, since the project managers may underestimate time necessary for completion of a certain project thus ending up risking the deadlines, hence failure to present the end result to their bosses at the stipulated time. On the other hand they might overestimate the time required for a project thus unrealistic time is quoted and this renders them jeopardizing their skills in planning and time allocation.
Cost is a factor that is constraint to networking techniques and project schedules, because budgeting and financial analysis conducted to carry out a certain project maybe either over or under budgeted. In case of over budgeting, money is always allocated in extra to a certain project leaving another in deficit and this leads to failure in carrying out two projects simultaneously. In case of under budgeting, the project is not either completed in the right time since there is need for alteration of other accounts to cover the deficit or ineffective complet...
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