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Data Management Systems (Coursework Sample)


For this assignment you will pick a research topic related to database systems. Then, you will gather FIVE high-quality sources on this topic (peer-reviewed journal/conference articles in this case, see below), and write an annotated bibliography based on those sources.
What is an annotated bibliography? Simply put, it is a l*** of references with proper citations, and undern***h each reference is a short summary/analysis of the work as it relates to your topic (1-2 paragraphs). You should write your annotated bibliography in APA format. See this link for an example (make sure you look at the APA one):
***Note: Each annotation should be in your own words. DO NOT just copy/paste or paraphrase from the abstract. You will need to scan the entire article before you can come up with a proper analysis.


Data Management Systems
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Data Management Systems
Gaur, C. (2020). Data Modelling - Understanding Tools and Techniques Involved. Retrieved 2 December 2021, from Data models are created for the data to be stored in the database; this is achieved by analyzing the data and how they are related to the objects. Data modeling focuses on how the data is organized compared to which operations are to be performed on them. Data modeling helps to document complex software as a diagram that can be understood. Data modeling can help an organization show a data model on the same platform by using robust designs. Data models can help identify unnecessary data and missing data. The data model can help to define tables, foreign keys. Data models can also create databases at the logical, physical, and abstract levels. Data models give a clear picture of the organization's requirements. The data model also improves the quality of the data. Data modeling makes maintenance cheap and faster, even though it's time-consuming. Conceptual data modeling is the data used to help business processes; it can keep track of the events and keep associated performance. In the logical model, secondary and primary keys are not defined. Business analytic and data architect creates the logical model.
Mishra, G., & Mishra, J. (2015). Retrieved 2 December 2021, from The correctness of a transaction is its consistency. Concurrence ensures that multiple transactions are executed simultaneously. There are various concurrence approaches to be looked at; one is one phase and two-phased protocol, locking based protocol, time stamp concurrences control algorithm. What occurs if two things try to fulfill actions in the same state at the same time? In some circumstances, coordination between nodes is required to ensure compliance with ACID requirements (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability). Scaling out is limited by coordination, which produces bottlenecks. As you scale up the program and add more instances, you'll observe more lock issues in this scenario. In the worst-case scenario, front-end instances spend the majority of their time waiting for locks.
Suryawanshi, S. (2013). Retrieved 2 December 2021, from Secure Data processes and practices intended to protect the Information Technology, including databases, the internet, and accounts. When performing clout computing, any data set to a remote computer to be remotely processed needs protection. A multi-component module is used to decrypt received data using a cryptoprocessor and tamper-resistant and can safely process data. It is a legal obligation of a company to secure the data of customers and the user of the systems. The financial firms are all subjected to protecting their customers by putting up security standards using Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standards. (2021). Retrieved 2 December 2021, from Metadata is a set of data that gives information about another data; Metadata management consists of connected sets of rules, processes, and roles that involve data governance, data modeling, and metadata administration. There should be data governance-driven policies on how data should be handled. Metadata can be divided into three parts, operational areas, technical, and business. In data management, more knowledge and understanding are required to create less uncertainty and create efficient harmonization. According to this journal, for a successful BI program, Metadata Management is critical for a specific number of reasons; one is that when operational Metadata is collected, it gives a clear direction to giving an information audit trail. Metadata helps to trace the evolution of data to analyze information and get a clear picture of where it was derived from. This journal also st

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