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Ethics & International Affairs (Coursework Sample)


Write a paper about the topic "International Business Ethics" The paper should be 8 pages long, APA referenced, double spaced and free from plagiarism.


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Internal Ethics
Significance of business ethics
Business ethics invites people to look inside themselves and find solutions to the questions they may be having. By use of a number of theories, life’s lessons have been made clearer. It teaches that what really matters is the intention one has in the long run and not the actions. In business ethics morality is not the point; rather, the end justifies the means CITATION Bus13 \l 2057 (, 2013). People should concentrate in the result of their actions and not on how they got to the actions. Instinct is worthwhile for survival, obtaining wealth and for getting happiness than moral based standards (Jones et al, 2005).
Immanuel Kant and why he is a significant figure to philosophical ethics
Immanuel Kant is a historic phillosopher whose contributions seem to have much to teach in today’s business ethics. Kant is an innovative thinker and a complicated one at that. His writings on ethics are hard to understand. His ethicist theories are harmonised into today’s business ethics rules CITATION Scu14 \l 2057 (, 2014). There are many areas in his works that give an understanding of moral standards and promottes ethics as worthier for survival, wealth and in obtaining happiness (Jones et al, 2005).
His philosophy is so centered on will and duty and servere at the other hand. He pegs morallity on freedom. Though he fails to convince the readers in his works that people’s senses are the basis of moral dignity.
Kant, while writing about freedom states that ethics that is mostly known to individuals is that disguised as duty yet it is permeated by utilitarian elements. He is a strong believer in the idea of moral advancement and comes up with a notion of strict morality that help people to have him in mind.
Kant opines the idea of struggling hearts when there is an idea tto be implemented and it is not apparent what the results of the struggle would be. An example of such a situation is when individuals tend to think they know what is going on in their minds or what their actions may be.
How corporations developed the personality of a psychopath
Businesspeople and investors were wary of corporations after their emergence in the late sixteenth century. After they had come up, the corporations distinguished their owners from the managers who ran them; the shareholders owned the business while the directors and managers ran it. Such an arrangement was thought of as scandalous and without corruption CITATION Bak04 \l 2057 (Bakan, 2004).
Today, corporations are very many that the existing governments may not even consider stopping them. The corporations have combined capital from many people as a result it has achieved high economic power thereby being allowed to work as an individual entity.
Although the corporate leaders insisted the corporations were able to regulate themselves, it was not the case as was realized. Later, after sufficient legislation had been put in place, the corporations leveraged their freedom from location bonds. Consequently, they could overpower the policies that the governments put in place as a measure of bullying them CITATION Bak04 \l 2057 (Bakan, 2004).
Today, corporations rule the society even more than the government in some cases as a result of economic globalization. They have come up with branding to help identify them from the rest since even humans have since distinguished themselves the same way CITATION Bak04 \l 2057 (Bakan, 2004).
There have been widespread cries of discomfort and demonstrations about corporations in the recent years. This is because of the inherent corruption and scandals. Civil society movement, Non- Governmental organizations have all joined hands to ensure the corporations are tamed CITATION Bak04 \l 2057 (Bakan, 2004).
How Africa should solve its poverty problem
The strategy in ending poverty in Africa lies in investing in the people and in the available infrastructure that will give leverage for the poor communities in the villages and urban centers tools for meaningful development CITATION Sac05 \l 2057 (Sachs, 2005).
Proper plans, systems and funding should be available for the strategy to be achieved. The key to alleviating poverty is to come up with a global network of people and organizations that stretch from the small villages to the world power and riches and be ploughed back.
Africa needs to have a strategy for increasing the investments that will eliminate poverty; a system of rule that gives power to the poor and at the same time holding them accountable. In each of the poor countries in Africa a system should be implemented that meets the challenge of poverty. Such a system could be issuance of capital which is inclusive of human capital, business capital, knowledge capital, natural capital, and public institutional capital.
Governments should help the extremely poor households by providing to them productive inputs to help them get started off the ladder. The capital should, however, not be provided for private businesses. Also, realistic public investments should be offered at the urban centers. Such infrastructure may include investments in water grids, electricity, sewerage and schools CITATION Sac05 \l 2057 (Sachs, 2005)
The governments should invest in technological capacity. In the villages as well as the urban centers increase in investments results into an increase in capital per individual and the quality of technology the person needs. With technology in place, people will be more innovative to end poverty.
Ways in which Deviant and Mainstream globalization are related.
Both mainstream and deviant globalization are related in the sense that they both bring about a growth in integration of societies and world economies as a result of the movement of goods and services and the flow of money and human capital CITATION Fri05 \l 2057 (Friedman, 2005).
The advancement in technology has promoted both types of globalization CITATION Car06 \l 2057 (Carol, 2006). The rise in technology has brought about a decline in transportation costs, elimination of international barriers which hampered trade and many more (Gilman et al, n.d).
Both types of globalization have increased because of changes in world inequality and the increasing poverty levels CITATION Bir01 \l 2057 (Birdsall, 2001). While Deviant globalization shows the dark aspect of word trade, black markets, human trafficking and the like, the driving force is to net profit CITATION Fri05 \l 2057 (Friedman, 2005).
Despite being limited in number, illicit trade is part and parcel of globalization (Gilman et al, n.d). Human trafficking, sale of narcotics, trade in human organs, computer malware, international gangs are all aspects of globalization just like free trade, boarding a bus, air travel, booking hotels and many others CITATION Iva06 \l 2057 (Ivana, 2006). Every technology that promotes mainstream technology is also the promoter of deviant globalization CITATION Fri05 \l 2057 (Friedman, 2005).
Both types of globalization began concurrently prior to 1980. Countries signed multilateral trade agreements so as to guard their markets and the trade they were carrying out CITATION Mas14 \l 2057 (Mason, 2014). After sometime countries took steps to open up their markets resulting into free trade, no tariff barriers, money reforms, elimination of high interest rates and the like. All these measures served to promote both types of globalization. Markets were opened worldwide thereby accelerating trade in all manner of goods and services (Gilman et al, n.d).
Section B: Question 7.
To end poverty, countries must be able to collaborate. The collaboration should be between the poor countries and the rich countries. The poor countries must increase the efforts they have always put in place in their bid of ending poverty. They should prioritize their expenditure on efforts aimed at poverty reduction as opposed to war, corruption, and political infighting CITATION Lin15 \l 2057 (Linda, 2015) .
The rich countries should not just appear as helping the poor countries but they should act more aggressively towards offering more help aimed at poverty reduction CITATION Sac05 \l 2057 (Sachs, 2005).
Ending poverty will need global concerted efforts among strangers and friends alike. At one level it is evident to everyone that the ways to solve poverty are through economic globalization. Many people globally believe that schools, hospitals, electrical power, roads, clean drinking water and the like are the ingredients towards economic muscle.
Economic globalization would address the following areas which would have massive impacts towards eradication of poverty. This should be in the form of the big five development interventions. Addressing the five issues will bring about a marked change in hunger, disease and death an eventually, economic rise. The big five include:
Agricultural inputs
With availability of agricultural inputs that include fertilizers, manures, improved fallows, irrigation, improved seeds, food production per hectare would increase thereby reducing persistent hunger. Availability of storage facilities for the produced food would ensure the countries have enough food throughout the year before the next farming season reaches.
Investments in health
Nobody would be able to work if they have ill-health. Therefore, equipping the regions with doctors and nurses will go a long way in ensuring that health is given adequate intervention it deserves. The common diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS opportunistic infections and other health services will be guaranteed to the locals.
Investment in education
Suppose children are given food at the primary schools, their health will be improved...
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