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A Solution To The Present Important Marketing Strategy Problems (Coursework Sample)


instruction: respond to the marketing strategy questions
the sample is a solution to the presented marketing strategy problems.

Marketing Strategies Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Marketing Strategies 1. One of the positioning statement for South West Airline Company is "The low-cost airline" (Weiss, Friesen, & Weiss, 2017). This statement is highly effective and makes it market itself to more customers since passengers like to enjoy traveling at reduced prices and with better services. 2. I agree with the statement effective brand positioning decisions establish foundations upon which successful marketing programs are built and create a brand equity. The South West Airlines have various positioning decisions which have enabled them to have a better branding name for the Company. For example, they are the on-time airline and true to this the flights happen at the scheduled time without delays. 3. Defender strategy is where an organization has a narrow market domain. Usually, they do not look for more markets or opportunities but struggle to maintain dominance within their specific market and penetrate deeper into these contemporary markets without considering outside opportunities (Heiens, Quttainah, & Pleshko, 2018). On the other hand, prospector strategy is where an organization continuously searches for a new opportunity and market by responding to current trends. They broadly monitor different market domains and create new products and bring changes to new markets (Heiens, Quttainah, & Pleshko, 2018). Contrarily, analyzer strategy is where a business tries to get to a market which has better or fair products immediately a new market is opened instead of being the first to enter such market and display their products. They wait till there is an opp...
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