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Illegal Immigration Into United States Of America (Coursework Sample)


illegal immigration in the u.s.

Illegal Immigration
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Illegal Immigration.
Currently, there are a multitude of issues facing the United States of America. Some people say that the major issue is the forthcoming general elections. Although this is a major event, immigration is leading in the list. Other critical issues include the economy, dissatisfaction with the government, same-sex marriages, gun control, taxes, and climate change among others.
Illegal immigration into America is immense. Currently, there are about 10 million undocumented foreigners residing in the U.S and this is a worrying trend since the demographic growth is about 700, 000 people every year CITATION Reb15 \l 2057 (Riffkin, 2015). Although looking at these figures one can be able to deduce that it is due to the attractiveness of America that motivates many people around the globe. On the other hand it explains how porous its borders are to the outside world. A majority of these aliens go to America in search of employment and this helps to improve the country’s economy. Nevertheless, these aliens are a threat to the national security. In fact, it has been found out that at least three percent of American residents cannot be accounted for either because they either used forged or fake documents and this explains how dangerous the situation is getting. In other terms, the greatest challenge brought about by illegitimate immigrants is security and does not threaten the economy CITATION Tim06 \l 2057 (Tim & Kirk, 2006). Otherwise, attempts to curtail the economic movements of migrants have aggravated the security problem since many migrant workers revolt to underground activities and this promotes an illegality culture.
Most people in the recent past have acknowledged that illegal immigration is one of the key issues affecting the United States. One of the notable person against the increasing number of aliens is Donald Trump- the Republican presidential candidate. He has openly talked about this issue in his presidential campaigns CITATION Ste16 \l 2057 ( Stephen & Jeremy, 2016). In his ten point agenda to make America great again, he explains what he will do if he gets the ticket to the white house. First, he suggests that he will construct an impenetrable wall on the U.S’s southern border with Mexico. He hopes to ensure that during his tenure if elected, any person who is arrested migrating illegally to the country will be caught and detained until they are deported. In other words, hopes to bring to an end the arrest and release culture.
Also, he suggests that the federal, state and local authorities should partner to move the aliens out of the country and seeks to terminate all the non-enforcement policies which permit aliens to move freely in the city streets. Trump objects Obama’s administration particularly the executive orders on immigration. He wants all immigrations laws enforced and the ICE agents should be tripled. He wants to adopt and implement a biometric influx-out flux visa tracking mechanism at all air, water and sea ports to curb illegal migration. That at his time, he wants to ensure that countries get their citizens when they are deported. Issuance of visas should be done in places with sufficient screening technologies and efficient vetting system, otherwise they should be closed down. In a nutshell, Trump is of the view that it is time that the Americans realize the dangers posed by living with many aliens. He holds that the costs of maintaining immigrants outdo the benefits of having them. All over his campaigns, he has not described any economic value of aliens.
The federal government is concerned about this critical issue and has laid down measures to address it. After the defeat of the 2007 motion on legalizing illegal immigrants, the cabinet secretaries for Homeland Security and commerce Michael Chertoff and Carlos Gutierrez came up with some strict regulations. They explained the efforts of the government in dealing with internal enforcement along with border protection. It put measures on companies that are used to hiring illegal aliens. It has also doubled the size of the fenced part of its borders. It has established detainment centers and has come up with training programs to help personnel enforce immigration laws. Technology has played a pivotal role and in this regard, the government launched a program known as E-verify. This enables firms and companies to screen employees in order to ascertain if they are permitted to live and work in the U.S. Other states have started using this program when issuin...
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