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Classroom Guidance Lesson Presentation (Coursework Sample)


This single classroom guidance lesson is to be administered to meet 3rd graders’ needs. The overall objective of this guidance lesson is to address ways through which learners can exhibit respect as well as develop the ability of processing and resolving conflicts.


K-12 Classroom Guidance Lesson Presentation - Bullying
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K-12 Classroom Guidance Lesson Presentation- Bullying

Component 1: Classroom Guidance Lesson

Grade Level and the Overarching Goal

This single classroom guidance lesson will be administered to meet 3rd graders’ needs. The overall objective of this guidance lesson is to address ways through which learners can exhibit respect as well as develop the ability of processing and resolving conflicts. Thus, the program aims at enhancing students’ emotional/social development by enabling them to control emotions and applying interpersonal skills.

Measurable Objectives

The counseling curriculum’s goal is to enable learners to explain the meaning of respect, and cite ways through which they can demonstrate respect to other learners, and highlight three ways of resolving conflicts. Besides, the measurable objective of language arts will be students’ description of actors in a story i.e. their feelings, motivations, and traits, and explain how their deeds contribute to events’ sequence (Common Core State Standards Initiative, n.d.).

Two Forced-Choice Pre-Post-Test Items

Kicking, pinching, and hitting are examples of?

a. Verbal bullying
b. Physical bullying
Spreading rumors and name-calling are examples of what kind of bullying?
a. Verbal bullying
b. Social bullying

Sources for Outcome Data

The source for outcome data should be particular, measurable indicators that show progress toward the goal or outcome. For this lesson, counselors will utilize assessment quizzes, which will indicate the extent to which students can manage their emotions and exercise interpersonal skills. This technique will help to measure the output and indicate the level of progress. Each student will take a test, the results of which should inform counselors on what action to take next as well as the improvements required. Additionally, learners will be organized into groups of five where they will discuss their opinions and observations to offer real-time feedback. These data sources will provide consistent and stable outcomes that measure students’ ability to control emotions and application of interpersonal skills (Shaw, 2019).

Component 2: School Counselor Presentation


Reflect about when you were schooling and whether you encountered any bullying situations. Did you do the bullying or someone do it?

Lift your hand if you informed an adult
Lift your hand if your intervention was useful
Lift your hand if you wish to share any useful intervention by adults

How many bullying incidents focused on a person’s identity, for instance, their skin color or race, social class, sexual orientation, ability, or gender?

Anyone willing to share their example?
What does it imply that no adults intervened?
What message stands out from doing this task?
(Nixon & Davis, 2010).

A number of us are aware of the negative effects of bullying. However, we may not have had good modeling of intervening, and therefore it may seem challenging. Additionally, most of the unhelpful advice is pegged on certain unhelpful beliefs such as, “stones and sticks can break the bones while words cannot hurt me”. As counselors, we should in ways that help the learners. At times that requires unlearning old beliefs and practicing new plans. Thus, it is crucial to engage in these conversations, with a listening ear to what learners tell us (Nixon & Davis, 2010).

School Counseling Standards and a Language Arts Standard
ASCA National Standards- Social/Personal Development
Standard A: Learners will gain the knowledge, interpersonal skills, and attitudes
that help them comprehend and respect others and themselves.
Standard B: Learners should make decisions, set objectives, and take the necessary actions to
attain goals (American School Counselor Association, 2014).
Language Arts Standard: Analysis of a case where grasping the viewpoint requires differentiating what a text directly states from what the text means (e.g., instances of bullying, satire, irony, understatement, or sarcasm) (Common Core State Standards Initiative, n.d.).

Lesson Plan
At the end of the lesson, learners should be able to explain how an individual’s character traits impact their motivations and actions.
Introduce Lesson Topic: Anti-Bullying
Students will learn to demonstrate respect and efficient ways of resolving conflicts.
Goal: I can demonstrate respect for other people and solve conflicts effectively.

In groups of five, students will discuss:
1. Who is a bully? Give examples
2. What is the meaning of showing respect? Give examples.

Introduce the story: Introduce Amanda Doering’s story, “Sometimes Jokes Aren’t Funny,” and discuss its illustration and title to determine what it may be all about. Other additional books to be used in the lesson are stop picking on me, stick and stone, the juice box bully, and enemy pie (Barr, 2017).

Pre & Post Questions


Looking at the picture and title of the book, what do you see? What might the story be talking about? Why?


Ask regarding the various characters and describe their traits, motivations, and actions
Read Aloud: Teacher to read the story aloud while the learners note the
characters as well as their character traits.

Activity: Role play on conflict resolution
• Groups will act the scenario
• Students will:
• State bullying incidents
• Reasons why it was a bullying incident
• Positive solutions of solving the problem
Discussion Questions
• Who is the bully?
• Who was bullied?
• In what way was Jamie bullied by Taylor?
• What are your feelings about bullying?
• What can you do when you encounter a bullying incident?

Assessments: At the end of the lesson, learners will take tests to determine how well they can resolve conflicts and show respect to others.

Developmental Appropriateness, Cultural Sensitivity, and Closure of the Achievement Gap

For the lesson to be developmentally appropriate, counselors have the obligation of treating learners with respect and dignity as unique people. Moreover, counselors ought to acknowledge the important role played by families and parents/guardians in checking bullying incidents. Counselors should aim at offering counseling in brief contexts and support learners and parents in acquiring outside services when learners require long-term counseling (American School Counselor Association, 2016).

All learners deserve respect, dignity, and access to an overarching school counseling plan

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