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Education is the key to success: Education survey (Coursework Sample)


Making a survey of 15 open ended questions relating to retention of freshmen students in historically black college.


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“Education is the key to success,” the elite say. Proper education enables one to find a good job, gain respect, and increase self-esteem. The administration of historically black colleges and universities have been trying to retain their freshmen because a high number of them turn out to be dropouts during the first year of studying due to such cases as racial discrimination. There have been a number of researches and surveys carried out to evaluate the methods of retaining freshmen in the historically black colleges and universities during their first year (Seidman, 2005).
One of the most important ways of solving this issue is the use of interactive forums, where the students are given some questionnaires that helps the surveyors or researchers to understand their views on the issue. At the same time, with their help, the researches will be able to seek immediate reaction and solution to the problem of freshmen retention. The questions may be either closed-ended or open-ended. Closed-ended, sometimes referred to as rigid questions, restrict the person to some specific answers. Open-ended questions do not require specific answers but seek one’s opinion about the issue. It means that the surveyor wants to brainstorm expound solutions to the problem and involve thinking out of the box. The open-ended questions involve the students in a diversified thinking and learning process as they process information, analyze it, and come up with their own conclusions. Teens and preteens should be able to think critically, find solutions to problems, and explain their own ideas (Edgerton, 1998).
This paper provides 15 open-ended questions that will aid in carrying out a study relating to the problem of freshmen retention during their first year of studying in historically black colleges and universities until they receive their Bachelor’s degree (Yorke, 2004). The questions may be as follows:
How do HBCU freshmen describe their first-year experience?
Please describe your first-year experience in historically black higher educational institution.
Do you think that all freshmen like studying in these institutions? Please state reasons for your answer.
What factors do HBCU freshmen students describe as influencing their decision to persist during the first-year experience?
Despite your experience as a freshman, what motivates you to continue studying in this institution?
Are there any unique factors in this institution that makes you like it and want to continue studying here?
What practices do students describe as being in use to retain freshmen students at HBCUs during the first-year experience?
What practices do the HBCUs use to retain freshman students?
Do you think that anti-racial and anti-ethnic differences are used in these institutions as a means of retaining freshman students? Please state reasons for your answer.
What retention strategies do freshmen students at HBCUs propose?
In your view, what can historically black higher educational institutions do to retain freshmen during their first year of studying?
What advice would you give to freshmen students entering these institutions to enhance their retention in the institution?
What are the meaningfulness and essences of the lived experiences of freshmen...
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