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Biological And Secondary Treatment Coursework Assignemnt (Coursework Sample)


This is about waste management and decomposing of waste


Biological and Secondary Treatment
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Biological and Secondary Waste Treatment
The secondary treatment is designed to degrade the organic contents contained in the sewage. In most cases, this is a process that would seek to remove the settleable solids, and the biological processes remove the dissolved and the suspended organic compounds. After completion of these procedures that the wastewater can be referred to be a secondary-treated wastewater. The biological and the secondary equipment that I have selected in this process is Filter beds (oxidizing beds). The layout of the equipment is designed such that it will filter out the large particles and irons that are contained in the wastewater (Pacini, Ingallinella, & Sanguinetti, 2005).
Trickling filter beds are used in a case where a settled sewage liquor will be passed or spread across a surface that is dominated by coke (carbonized coal), the limestone chips and even a fabrication of a plastic media. The surface area that is created in this case will support the formation of the biofilms. The distributed liquor will then trickle through and are collected at the base of the system. These drains then provide the much-needed air which will keep the bed to be aerobic. The formation of the biofilms, bacteria, and even the fungi will help in eating up the organic contents that are contained in the wastewater and remove g gasses such as methane (Moon, Lee, Lee, Ryu, & Cho, 2010). The filters, on the other hand, would help to reduce the percentage of the organic matter that is contained in the wastewater. The presence of microorganisms is sustained by through the biological oxidation and the nitrification that is occurring in the filter.
With aerobic oxidation and the nitrification taking place in the oxidizing beds, the organic solids are converted into biofilms which are dominated by larvae, snails, and other organisms such ...
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