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Engineering and Construction Questions. Engineering Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The task involved answering three different questions in engineering and construction. The answers targeted a fire disaster, the damage, and measures to prevent future fires, and material storage and handling. Under materials storage and handling, the sample discussed stacking of bricks and lumber.


Engineering and Construction Questions
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Engineering and Construction Questions
1. Research the 2005 fire at the Patrick Air Force Base Officers’ Club. Write a short description of the incident to include the cause of the fire, the amount of damage, and measures that could have been used to prevent the fire.
The fire at the Patrick Airforce Base Officers Club ripped through the building and burnt down the 54-year old facility leading to significant structural damage (Britton et al., 2014). The raging fire led to the temporary closure of State Road A1A as firefighters from different departments fought the flames. Reports indicated that the firefighters confronted the persistent blaze externally because of the volatile nature of the fire inside the building. Several minor explosions could be heard as the inferno engulfed the commercial kitchen used for private parties and other multiple social functions within the military base (Patrick Air Force Base, 2017).

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