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Peer Review: Processes, Requirements, and Performers (Coursework Sample)


The assignment was meant to explain the peer review process.


Week 15 Assignment
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Peer review process
               Peer review is structured to evaluate the quality, validity, and usually the originality of articles that need to be published. The primary purpose is to ensure scientific integrity by filtering low quality and invalid articles (Paltridge, 2017). Peer review functions as a filter for content from the publisher's perspective, guiding quality articles to high-quality journals and generating journal brands. Running reports via the procedure of peer review improves their value. Due to the above reason, publishers require to ensure that peer review is robust. The process of peer review includes an exchange between the team reviewers and the journal auditors (Ali & Watson, 2016). The team reviewers, also known as referees, are provided with the article and then read it closely and make the personal critiques, often within two to three weeks. The team of reviewers outlines the following in their comments:
               The referees comment on the authenticity of the validity of science. They do this by determining scientific mistakes or errors. Also, the team of viewers evaluates the structure, and the methodology applied. They also judge the relevance of the article by examining the significance of the findings. During process review, referees identify the originality of the work depending on the article's influence on the field (Ali & Watson, 2016). The reviewers help in determining inaccurate and missing references. Lastly, the team of reviewers d

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