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New Imperialism: Describe The Globalization Of Empire (Coursework Sample)


Reading and writing a summary of a paper

Imperialism is a form of support of a particular territory. It is defined as a strategy which is meant to extend the power of a particular country, with the influence of colonization practices. In some cases, the country’s government may use the army or any other related means. Imperialism has allowed the fast extent of expertise, innovative strategies in rule, and particular ideas. It particularly focuses on the regulation that one state authority has over another state. There are two types of imperialism, which include formal and informal. Legal imperialism is said to be the corporeal rheostat or full-fledged set of colonialism whereas informal imperialism can be a reduced amount of direct influence, however, it still has powerful of dominance.” In some cases, where a certain empire is not characterized by the practices of global reach, measured on an international recognition, they can directly or indirectly have a hand in the aspect of globalization. This is because of the possibilities of generation of resisting powers, which can be executed either locally or globally.
Historians often use the term new imperialism to describe the globalization of empire that began in the last decades of the nineteenth century. New imperialism was a time of colonial expansion where states were mainly attributed towards empire developments innovatively and technically. This aspect made their territory larger than others, based on the aspect of conquest and exploitation of resources. Some factors motivated the desire for new imperialist expansion by the European nations. The hope of economic growth where the European’s were thinking to take their trading marketplaces overseas. To do these the European’s thought of getting low-priced fresh materials and cheap labor for their factories from their colonies, that is Africa and Asia. The National rivalry also caused the European expansion. Land equaled signified power, which was constituted by the aspect of land, with a direct proportion of global superiority. Therefore, no nation sought to perceive empires they didn’t trust gaining confidence.
Moral superiority also led to the motivation of European expansion. They felt that they had the moral right to rule over the uncivilized continents mostly Asia and Africa. They saw imperialism as a way to enlighten and save the poor heathens from themselves. The Europeans justified imperialism by claiming that emerging business demanded it. As production increased, European firms began to look out at the world as a means to support that growing industry. The European businesspeople began to urge the government to take actions that would lead to expansion and imperialism. They also justified imperialism claiming that it was their responsibility s superior races to uplift, civilize and Christi...
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