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System Approach IT & Computer Science Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


Project management development life cycle


1 It is important to choose the most suitable project management approach for any given project as each approach has its own functionality. For the Melbourne Student travel Service, it would be required to adopt the System Approach to project management.
In relation to system capabilities:
* Resort: To store information, change agent or resort information and report damages
* All and any inputs in the systems approach must be recorded.
* Students: to view information about resort and make reservations, have planning section to plan trips and modify and also social networking for feedback.
* In this project management approach, all elements of a project are dependent on each other therefore the availability of information about a resort to students is dependent on the information stored and displayed by the resort. This approach is also open to modification and must have a feedback system embedded.
* Payments: process student payments and send payment information
* Since the systems approach is based on the generalisation that all elements are inter related and interdependent, this aspect of the system when satisfied (I.e. when payment is made) sets the precedent for other elements to function. In essence, when payment is made by students, it sets the confirmation of a reservation by a student.
Iv. Different aspects of specialized units performing specific functions
* Executive staff

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