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Charles Darwin (Coursework Sample)


An explanation of the importance of accepting and embracing change along with some of the challenges of implementing change.

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin
The success of any organization is pegged on the ability of its employees to accept and embrace changes in their work environment. An organization’s management’s efforts should be geared towards devising ways of coping with the challenges that come with these changes. The four different types of changes that may occur in an organization include; Cultural, operational, strategic and political all of which affect the running of the organization at different levels. For instance changes in operation are felt more by employees at the lower levels and may be hardly noticed by those at higher levels. On the other hand, the higher levels of the organization bear the most impact of political changes (Marshak, 2005). Any type of change in organization comes with a loss. In many instances employees are expected to do away with routine practices and embrace new changes. Interestingly, the risks that come with the changes are the ones that thrush the organization towards the direction of growth and success. The sudden increase in new technology, products, stiff competition and more markets has led to a diverse world of business environment. Organizations that have become successful in the last two decades are those that embraced change and turbulence by proper management (Anderson & Anderson, 2001). Many organizations know the importance of change however, are challenged by lack of proper strategies of implementation. Due to various reasons failure to recognize the changes or lack of c...
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