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Global Political Economy Mathematics & Economics Coursework (Coursework Sample)


It was a coursework on the topic global political economy.


Global political economy
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1 No solution has been found yet following these factors: The United nation’s fragmented governance, the financial institutions fail to involve in the discussions, and the trade measures in place are in conflict with the environmental agreements (Basu, 2011).
2 The two differ on the issue of economic growth. They differ on the "green" issue. They differ on the topic of closing down manufacturing firms with agents that are polluting the environment (Basu, 2011).
3 Both nations want sustainable development but are influenced by personal gain. What is good for developing countries is slowing developed countries and what developed countries want undermines developing countries (Basu, 2011).
4. The 1962 America U-2 crises where the Americans returned with nuclear missiles aimed at the Us from Cuba (Burke, 2004). In 1997, when the Thailand government lost 15% value of its currency in a single day trying to defend attack by traders this resulted in a fall in economic growth (Burke, 2004).In 199, East Timor citizens voted a referendum that set them free from Indonesia. As a result, the Indonesian military retaliated and destroyed the people (Burke, 2004).In 2011, there was an aircraft attack in the US that landed the aircraft in several places result in property destruction and killing thousands of people (Burke, 2004).

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