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Math Problems Mathematics & Economics Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


Algebra, Mapping and functions.


1 (4x-5)4=81
Take the fourth root of both sides
4x- 5=481
4x- 5=3
Collect like terms
4x = 3 + 5
4x = 8
Divide both sides by 4
2 hx= 2x-31-x
Substitute h(x) = 0
∴0= 2x-31-x
Determine the defined range
-x= -1
x= 1 , x ≠1
Swap the sides of the equation
When the quotient of the expressions equal to 0, the numerator has to be 0.
2x – 3 = 0
Move the constant to the right hand side and change its sign
2x = 0 + 3 ; 2x = 3
Divide both sides by 2
x = 32 , x ≠1
∴x=32 is in the defined range
3 (1-x)32=8
(1-x)3 =8
Take the cube root of both sides
(1-x) =38
(1-x) =2

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