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Deforestation as one of the Major Emerging Environmental Issue (Coursework Sample)


Sample is about deforestation as one of the major emerging environmental issue. The task was to discuss at least four major effects of deforestation.


Effects of Deforestation
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Deforestation is the act of cutting down trees in forest land to create space economic development. Currently, majority of illegal tree removal is occurring in the Amazon Rain forest. The need for economic development is considered as the main reason for cutting down trees alongside agriculture. Environmental activists and conservationists agree to the fact the deforestation has serious negative impacts on our environment. This paper will discuss some of the major effects of deforestation
Loss of biodiversity
Seemingly, biodiversity loss due to habitat destruction is the most serious and dramatic effect of deforestation on earth. Data from the National Geographic show that 70% of plant and animal species live in the forests and cannot survive if their homes are destroyed (National Geographic). Forests trees not only provide shelter for wild animals but also help in regulating the temperature that most of the animals need. It is then obvious that, if trees are removed, animals will migrate to other location in search for shelter or may die and eventually become extinct.
Disruption of water cycle
According to the National Geographic, a greater percentage of water in the ecosystem is held within trees and plants (National Geographic). Tree help in regulating water cycle in the sense that, they absorb rain and releases it inform of water vapor. As such, the regulation of water cycle by trees is helpful in controlling the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere (Osman, 2014).Therefore, when trees are cut, there will be less atmospheric water vapor hence the soil becomes dryer.
Soil erosion
Trees play a major role in anchoring the soil by holding its particles together, thus retaining essential nutrients for sustaining forest life. Therefore, without trees, the top soil is left loose and is prone to erosion by water or wind. Soil erosion is a serious effect of deforestation that causes water pollution and threatens the life of aquatic animals in rivers and lakes (Osman, 2014).
Low quality of life
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