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Crime Scene Description And Examination: Chemical Attack And Personnel (Coursework Sample)


Describe an imaginary crime scene of a mass disaster and plan a team approach to the examination of that scene.
Describe all of the appropriate specialized personnel that should be present at the scene/disaster and what they should contribute to the investigation.
Use materials from any outside resources to support your response.

Crime Scene Description and Examination: Chemical Attack First Name, Last Name Institutional Affiliation Date Crime Scene Description and Examination: Chemical Attack Crime Scene First responders from Station 18 of Chicago fire department encountered 56 victims spread across three floors of Hotel Ambassador Chicago and some in the building’s stairways. Most of them were found dead near water sources. 40 of the 56 victims were killed, including 12 children. There were no wounds on their bodies although their skin was blue and full of blisters that probably resulted from skin irritation. The victims also discharged a dark yellow substance from their noses and white foam from their mouths. Unusually, some of the victims were partially dressed. The victims were found in different positions, most of them were face down on the floor. Two industrial gas cylinders were found on the balconies of the two top floors of the six-story building, they both seemed empty. Examination Plan A mass disaster crime scene is unique from the other scenes and presents challenges for investigators and forensic experts today. The complexities presented by such crime scenes require the collaboration of different agencies because the needs presented by such cases may require resources that are beyond one agency. Therefore, there is a need for the lead investigators to successfully plan a team approach before such scenes are examined. Four primary activities will be involved in this plan (Kessler & Fisher, 2017). First will be to secure and process the crime scene, then document the evidence, store and maintain them and finally interview the witnesses. The witnesses will be separated from other groups present on the scene such as the media, bystanders, and suspects. The activities involved in this examination plan will be completed by different personnel with various skills and competencies. The lead investigator will consult with all the required personnel to determine the required resources needed for the investigation (Dirkmaat, 2014). Personnel The personnel enumerated in this paper are particularly crucial in ensuring that examination of this crime scene is conducted methodically and in an organized manner. In this case, one person will not be assigned to a single duty, people will be required to accomplish more than two duties. Team Leader The team leader will assume control and ensure that the rest of the personnel working on the crime scene are safe through using protective gear against the toxic gas that might still be presented in the scene or body fluid of the victims. Additionally, the leader will conduct walk-throughs that will be significant in the evaluation of any potential evidence and preparation of narrative descriptions (Kessler & Fisher, 2017). After successfully determining the search patterns to be used in this crime scene, the leader will assign the team members appropriately according to their individual skills, competencies, and areas of expertise. It is also the responsibility of the team leader to effectively coordinate with the FBI and any other agencies involved in the investigation to ensure that both agencies maintain a cooperative spirit (Dirkmaat, 2014). With close collaboration with the team members, the leader will ensure that the person receives all the resources that they require to process and examine the crime scene. Photographic Log Recorder The photographers will probably be the first person to enter the area and photograph it before anyone else comes in to contaminate it. They will not only photograph the area but also the victims, the bystanders, the material around at both medium and close-up range. The photographer will be expected to closely collaborate with the sketch preparer, the evidence recorder, and recovery personnel. Finally, this person will prepare the photographic log. Sketch Preparer Although sketch preparers are not commonly used in mass disaster cases, there are still required because they provide a permanent record of items, distances, and conditions. Primarily one could note that the sketches supplement photographs. Sketch diagrams are a...
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