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Class Journal about Current Attitudes and Feelings about Death or Loss (Coursework Sample)


Discuss the experiences in your past that have most significantly influenced your current attitudes and feelings about death or loss. First, summarize these losses and explain how they have had an important influence within your life. Secondly, consider how your own losses might affect how you relate to others who are grieving. (3-4 pages)
Consider the answers to the following questions:
a. What was your earliest experience of death/loss? Other experiences? How
old were you? Who did it involve? Where were you when you found out?
Who told you?
b. Did you have different reactions to the loss (physical, emotional, spiritual,
and cognitive)?
c. How was death talked about within your family? How did your
cultural/spiritual background influence your responses?
d. To what extent are you still experiencing grief?
e. Are there particular client situations that may be more challenging for you
to work given your history of loss? Have you identified any unresolved grief that may need to be addressed prior to work with grieving clients?


Class Journal about Current Attitudes and Feelings about Death and Loss
Class Journal about Current Attitudes and Feelings about Death and Loss
People tend to react differently after the loss of their loved ones be it relatives, close friends, and other colleagues who they consider essential in their lives. People’s reactions can be displayed from the way their attitudes and feelings are expressed when they are alone or when they are with other people. Therefore, this class journal will focus on providing details of personal experiences about death and loss and their effects in my life as well as a consideration of how my losses impact my relationship with those who are grieving.
Question 1
Growing up during my early years of life I did not quite understand what death was all about until I got to be 16 years old which is now almost five years ago when I lost my uncle after him battling cancer for nearly ten years. I had known uncle Jack like all my life because he was living at our place considering his health condition, and that made me grow while knowing that he was like my dad. Unfortunately, his death was so painful for me considering that as I was leaving school, I had passed by the hospital to check on him and as usual it was one of those best days where we cracked jokes about things at home, and after that, I left for home. At around 8 p.m., my dad came home, and as he stood by the door, he said, "I am so sorry son; Uncle Jack is not with us anymore". Apart from this experience of losing my uncle, the other loss that I experienced to a person close to me was my grandmother’s death that came to happen as a result of being involved in a gruesome road accident.

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