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Reflective essay for ECO 201 (Coursework Sample)


This is a reflective essay for ECO 201, which is a class module in economics.


Reflective essay for ECO 201
(Institution Affiliation)

At first, before we get into this course, I used to hear rumors that economics is a very difficult course. Some people used to crack jokes saying, “Economics will chop your head off.” That is was some to mention but a few discouraging words that some of my friends (especially my age mates) who are currently pursuing humanities and other “soft” courses. It was, actually, difficult to have me enrolled here. I would not have achieved what I have if I had not enrolled in this course. All thanks to God for enabling me come this far. Ideally, this paper provides, in details, my personal reflection regarding course, giving any suggestions on how the course would have been done better or how it should be improved in the next sessions.
At and before the start of this course I had little knowledge, skills and understanding on various economic concepts (scarcity, opportunity cost, marginality, supply and demand), which, for quite some time, I have been hearing from my friends, and the media. Moreover, I had no hint on how various firms arrive at charging a particular price. Furthermore, at first, I had no hint on how profits are computed and maximized by firms, but now I have that knowledge.
The point I am bringing out, here, is that this course has tremendously enhanced my knowledge regarding various economic agents’ (firms and individuals) decision policies. Taking price as my reference, I now understand that most firms charge a price at a point where demand equals supply, and various factors that affect supply and demand of a firm’s products. In addition, I have obtained adequate knowledge on various market structures, cost structures, and product. Besides, the course has enriched my social, conceptual and economic skills. I have met new friends, and also, I now know how to relate and deal with various kinds of people. Today, unlike before I joined this course; I am able to think rationally, especially in handling matters relating to m...
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