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Free-Will And Desires Social Sciences Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


CU Kanes Piece First Order & Second-Order Desires & Fischer & Ravizza Discussion
1. From Kane’s piece (pp. 93-98): What is the distinction between first-order and second-order desires? In Frankfurt’s view, how do an agent’s first-order and second-order desires determine whether she acted freely?
2. How does Watson’s view of free will differ from Frankfurt’s? What is one of the main worries about Watson’s view of free will?3. How does Wolf’s view of free will differ from Watson’s? What is one of the main worries about Wolf’s view of free will?
4. Why do Fischer and Ravizza think that Sam is morally responsible for killing the mayor even though Sam could not have avoided killing the mayor (from the “Assassin” case on pp. 29-30)? Do you think they are right about this? Why/Why not?
5. Briefly explain the distinction Fischer and Ravizza make between guidance control and regulative control? Which of these kinds of control are compatible with determinism?
If you could answer each of these between 2-3 sentences that would be great. I will attach reading materials.


Free-Will And Desires.
Student's name
Free-Will and Desires
According to Frankfurt, the distinction between first-order and second desire is that second-order desires are desirers of other desires. For example, a student may have a first-order desire to go to the field to play football. He needs it badly. But in the same case, he may also want to use this time for studying. In short, first-order desire is the one that an individual feels he/she cannot survive without them, while second-desires are those desires that drive an individual from doing the first-order desires, which can be beneficial. Watson argues that free agency needs to determine the wishes of a person. He says that one may desires things which another person does not value.

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