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Possession and Use of Drugs (Coursework Sample)


This sample is about the possession and use of drugs. this has been always a hot topic, and many individuals have established their own views about the drugs. drug use is one of the issues that require regulation to ensure individuals are in a safe environment. the paper therefore discusses how the regulations can help in achieving such


Possession and Use of Drugs Discussion
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Possession and Use of Drugs Discussion
The use of drugs and alcohol has been a major topic of discussion for a long time. Regulations are set aside to ensure that the harmful impacts of drugs such as accidents, assaults, and deaths are greatly reduced. But does the possession and use of drugs or alcohol be a crime? This is an ethical dilemma that needs to be resolved with the highest level of involvement. This should not always be mistaken under any circumstance. It can be argued that alcohol is a drug, but its treatment is always different from other types of drugs (Hall, 2019). It is subject to restrictions and control measures to ensure that no harmful impacts are experienced. This can as well be applied to other types of drugs such as marijuana.
Drugs and alcohol possession use should not be considered crimes. There are various reasons why this is a true statement. One, states and authorities should have restrictions for using the drugs. Those who use should be 18 years and above and establish safe smoking zones, where people can use drugs but under supervision (Hughes et al., 2019). Two, some drugs such as marijuana have a lot of economic benefits to the states and individuals (Egnell et al., 2019). Making them a crime will imply that the state will not draw revenues from it as people fear using it. Lastly, possession and use of some drugs are due to some medical benefits (Sutherland et al., 2021). Over time, marijuana has been considered to have such medical benefits, which led to some states such as Canada legalizing its use. When using drugs or alcohol, the law should be clear about the requirements that one should meet, for instance, don’t drink and drive.
Egnell, S., Villman, E., & Obstbaum, Y. (2019). Cannabis policy and legislation in the Nordic countries: A report on the control of

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