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Reflection on Psalms (Coursework Sample)


This a reflection on the whole chapter of Psalms 8. The reflection gauges what the author was thinking or the context that the author based while drafting Psalms 8.


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Reflection of Psalm 8
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Reflection of Psalm 8
No chapter achieves the objective of Psalms better than Psalm 8. Psalm 8 is a combination of three most important things in praise and illustration of the glory of God. First, David, the author of Psalms, begins and concludes Psalm 8 and with admiration of the superiority of God’s name and work. Secondly, in between, David examines the power and decorum of the responsibility of mankind over God’s creation. Thirdly, David makes a reflection on the likeliness of man’s image to that of God by quoting job in stupefaction at the admiration that the mankind lacks only a little of God and second to the angels. Bullock (2004) examines at how the praise for creation is connected to the praise of the creator. Bullock (2004) explains that the phenomenal world exists in an interconnected way. The interconnected ways of the phenomenal world is illustrated in Psalm 8 where, David begins with the knowledge of god and explains the cause in between the Psalm.
Psalm 8:3-5 concludes David’s quest of understanding, glorifying, and illustrating the interconnection of God’s glory and mankind reason to exist. Kidner (2009) points out that Psalm 8:3-7 considers the honor and glory of God power over creation and how he planned and bestowed mankind with responsibility over the rest of the creation except for the angels. Kidner (2009) and Bullock (2004) are of the idea that the glory in God’s creation of mankind is also reflected in mankind own image. Reading Psalms 8: 4 and Psalms 8: 6 help the mankind in appreciating his own self image. Bullock (2004) concludes that Psalms 8 has a therapeutic value as it helps mankind in understanding and reasoning “what is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of ...
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