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Big Data Security and Cloud Computing (Coursework Sample)


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3-PART Question.
Part 1
Big Data Security in the Cloud
How storing and processing big data in a cloud computing environment increases the security risk for the data. Word count 180
Part 2
Industrial Control Systems
Much of cybersecurity is concerned with protecting information technology infrastructure, but industrial control systems are at similar risk and must be considered if the organization being secured includes manufacturing processes, product handling, or distribution systems. How does a typical IT security infrastructure differ from securing industrial control systems? Are there security considerations that are unique to an industrial control system? Word count 180
Part 3
Application Security
You are familiar with local applications that are installed directly on a computer, such as Microsoft Word or Excel®, but there are also a growing number of web applications that run in a web browser. How do security considerations differ between a locally installed application and a cloud-based application that runs in a browser? Do these different types of applications have different mitigation strategies? Are there security strategies that can protect both types of APPLICATIONS? Word count 180


Big Data Security and Cloud Computing
Using big data in computing means applying a large volume of unstructured and structured data (Manogaran et al. 2016). Processing this data is difficult when local software technologies and databases are used. Although applying big data in cloud computing seem to have many advantages, there is a need for security in dealing with them. For instance, when big data is applied, it makes it challenging to explore and analyze the required data by organization.
In research and marketing fields, many business investors apply big data. The problem is that most of them do not have the required assets. In this case, once a security breach happens to the data, it results in reputational damage, the problem that most organizations are trying to avoid today using technology in storing and analyzing the information about their company.
Data is stored in different locations in cloud computing. If the location is not logically and physically safe, the data is always at risk. It becomes easy for external hackers and insiders to access the data. Because of this, it is advisable to store data in one location.
IT Security Infrastructures and Industrial Control Systems
There has been a need for most cybersecurity to protect the IT infrastructure. At the same time, threats have invaded the industrial control system, hence the need for protection. This section has outlined the significant difference between ICS and IT security infrastructure as applied in cybersecurity.
The significant difference between ICS and IT infrastructure lies in the security goals. For example, the goal of the ICS is to establish safety (Kriaa et al. 2015). It is meant to protect the entire process, whereas the goals of IT security are based on privacy, such as protecting the actual data. Two unique security issues that differentiate between ICS and IT security are outlined.

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